Are calls listed on phone bill

Your usage history should show all incoming and outgoing calls that connect over the voice network.

Are the missing calls connecting -- is the person you're calling answering, or are these attempted calls that don't complete? Are you calling them through the native phone app on your device, or are you calling them through a third party app like Skype?

Reduce phone bill with Hangouts Dialer WiFi calls 📞

Are your call logs missing all of the calls made to this number, or just some of them? So just to clarify, the call log won't show what we'd think of as a "missed call".

Calls on my phone bill not made on my phone - BT Community

If I'm reading your post right, it sounds like you're looking at the MyT-Mobile usage on your boyfriend's line and it's showing your number in his call logs when you call him and he's available or when he calls you If so, that's actually the way that usage logs work -- it won't show a record of a call that doesn't complete. Your device's personal call logs not the usage history you'd see on MyT-Mobile would be the only record of calls that you attempt to make that don't connect.

When you mention that this happens to a few others, can I ask for a little more detail? Please let me know if I'm understanding the situation, because it sounds a little different than the original post! Hey queencici , Marissa asked a great clarification question.

Do Snapchat Calls Show Up on your Phone Bill?

Please come back and give us a holler about this. We do wanna make sure we get a clear understanding of what's happening so we can help. Any calls that come over a data connection such as Skype as mentioned before WhatsApp or Google voice will not show up as a voice call either received or made. This is because those are data and not voice. Discussion successfully moved from Magenta Lounge to Account Discussions. Hey there! Just wanted to check in here to see how things are going.

Here's proof that phantom calls CAN be added to your phone bill

The unit is represented by two numbers separated by a forward slash. The first number represents the length of the first unit in seconds, the second number represents the length of all further units. After the first minute, all additional fees are billed by the second.

The billing unit and its metering pulse in analog or digital phone networks Analog or digital phone networks allow a metering pulse based on the billing unit to be transmitted to a device over the network. For instance, in the age of analog phones a subscriber's meter or a phone with built-in subscriber's meter were quite common. Even phone booths used the metering pulse to indicate fees. The metering pulse itself consists of an power frequency above the speech frequency range of to Hertz and could often be heard as a clicking in the line. If the fee device receives this type of pulse, it converts it into the respective fee information.

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On a digital ISDN network or cell phone networks, fee information based on the billing unit can be provided using the so-called AOC information.