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Bajaj immediately takes control of the situation by:. Call our law firm at so that we can take control of the situation. What also sets Mr. Bajaj apart from other San Diego defense attorneys is his ability to take a case to trial and win. His reputation as a skilled litigator benefits you in and out of court. Prosecutors know that an unreasonable plea deal will mean going to trial against a seasoned attorney who knows how to win. While San Diego has many criminal lawyers to choose from, only a handful of attorneys have the experience you need when facing serious charges.

The following is a partial list of victories we have secured for our clients. When hiring a criminal lawyer, you need someone with a proven track record of successfully defending clients. Bajaj consistently wins by preparing each case for trial from the moment he is hired, which is also essential for effective negotiation.

Whereas some lawyers may work specifically to avoid trial or contested hearings, attorney Bajaj does not shy away from any courtroom battle. His peers in the legal profession — and especially opposing counsel — know that he fights to win. With his vast experience in trial litigation, he understands how to effectively defend against the most serious charges and indictments.

Attorney Bajaj regularly appears and is known and respected at every area courthouse. If you have been arrested or believe to be under investigation, it is critical that you call us immediately so we can start working on your case. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, call San Diego criminal defense attorney Vikas Bajaj today.

You need to make an informed decision when hiring a criminal lawyer. We offer a free consultation so you can make an informed decision. I was facing very serious firearms charges and decided to call Vik's office after hearing he was the best criminal defense attorney in San Diego County. Vik is very professional and precise. He aggressively argued for my case and he pressed the prosecution for dismissal of my case. San Diego Assault and Battery Lawyer. San Diego Burglary Lawyer. San Diego Child Endangerment Lawyer.


San Diego Criminal Threats Lawyer. San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyer.

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San Diego Drug Crimes Lawyer. San Diego Expungement Lawyer. San Diego Fraud Lawyer. San Diego Gun Crimes Lawyer. San Diego Identity Theft Lawyer.

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San Diego Hit and Run Lawyer. San Diego Home Invasion Lawyer.

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San Diego Homicide Lawyer. San Diego Juvenile Crimes Lawyer. Deniz is a former senior prosecutor who knows how to examine a case. The firm prides itself on being proactive.

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This often results in charges and punishments being reduced or dismissed. Give the prosecution the full story of the case and situation and allow them to read more than the police reports, which may be slanted. Call us at so that we can get the ball rolling. Click here for common questions about DUIs.

Unfortunately, most defense attorneys wait until hearing dates or until the prosecutor offers a plea bargain before taking serious action on your case. This is reactive and ineffective. You should not settle for less than the absolute maximum benefit out of any kind of deal with the prosecution. We take full advantage of the time between your arrest and initial court date.

I offer a free case evaluation , competitive pricing and affordable payment plans. Most people do not have the money laying around for professional defense representation, but once you understand your full legal options, the full gravity of the charge s against you and my dedication to your success, you will be convinced of my firm's value. Criminal defense attorneys in San Diego and throughout California are not all equal.

I understand that you need the best value for your money, but committed, proactive defense representation is critical to your future. I am interested in helping you as much as possible, working hard to protect your license, job, rights and best interests. As a former veteran prosecutor, I understand the strengths and weaknesses of prosecution techniques. I have received extensive training in all areas of criminal law, including evidence, trial technique and felony sentencing. I handle your case myself and collaborate with expert witnesses as necessary to ensure your defense is comprehensive, custom-tailored and ready for efficient navigation in the legal system.

The best defense is a good offense, and criminal law is no different. Please email or call my office today at to schedule a free initial consultation and case evaluation with me, attorney Mark Deniz.

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