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Also, some state will be POC for handguns but not for long guns. Many sites allow an individual to search criminal background checks for free; however, if an individual uses these sites, they may not receive accurate information. Also, by using free sites to run a criminal background check, the individual needs to make sure they are using a legitimate website.

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Moreover, these sites may not be following the FCRA rules and regulations; which means, if an individual or company use the information found on these sites, they could face legal ramifications. It is safer for a company or individual to use a company that charges a fee and certified through the CRA.

By using an agency accredited through the CRA, the company or individual has less of a chance to face any legal ramifications for the information used. The answer is not as easy as a simple yes or no.

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There is no federal law that protects an individual with a criminal past from not being hired for a particular position. However, under some circumstances, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC has determined that not hiring someone based on their criminal past can be a form of discrimination.

Some states and jurisdictions have different laws and rules, so it is vital to know the laws of the state and jurisdiction. There are also incentives to hire individuals with a criminal background. The federal government, along with some state and city governments, will offer tax incentives to hire individuals with criminal histories, such as The Work Opportunity Tax Credit. Individuals with a criminal background, do have rights if they get fired or not hired for a job.

An individual has the right to know the reason as to what got them fired, a copy of that reason, and the agency that provided the criminal background check. Also, if an individual has a criminal record that is over seven years old, they may be able to contact an attorney to help them expunge their record. Running a criminal background check on an individual that the company is interested in hiring is an excellent idea. However, the company needs to use a CRA accredited agency and consider certain precautions before dismissing someone because of what is on their criminal background check.

It is also crucial for the individual with the criminal history to know their legal rights. While employment screening is necessary, it does not have to be complicated or tedious.

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A criminal background check form looks like this. What is a Criminal Background Check? Are Background Checks Free?

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