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However, no matter the date range, this index seems to only be available in an old-fashioned microfiche format, with its public availability limited as to locations and operating hours, as well as the deteriorating quality of the microfiche sheets. While the New York State Department of Education does control the libraries where this index is available, the state vital records microfiche there are still the property of the Department of Health, and are merely on long-term loan to those libraries.

At some point in the past there was evidently a real statewide birth index database, and it was clearly printed out on paper copies which were then photographed and turned into the state birth index microfiche sheets.

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However, if that state birth database is no longer available — and if not, why not? I am willing to pay the costs associated with the records production, along with the costs of the USB hard drive and any insured shipping costs to California, if needed. Please inform me of any potential charges in advance of fulfilling my request.

Birth Records

This request is not being made for commercial purposes. The requested records will be scanned and uploaded to the Internet, and will be made freely available to the general public. It is anticipated that some non-profit genealogical groups may choose to transcribe the information in the birth index, to turn it into a new text-searchable database. We would be happy to share any such database with the Department of Health. Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.

I look forward to receiving your response to this request within five business days, as the statute requires. This statewide birth index was previously only available to researchers who were sitting in a small number of upstate New York public libraries, as well as the Manhattan branch of the National Archives NARA.

How to Apostille a New York City Birth Certificate with exemplification letter

And even then, it was only available in an old-fashioned and difficult format, scratched-up and faded microfiche sheets. So yeah, they were technically public records, but in practice they were not public public records. Well now, thanks to our work, we can all research people in the New York State birth index whenever we want, from our own homes, for free. You can browse the images, download the images, re-post them to your own website, and even transcribe everything into your own database, if you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This birth index is sorted by year, and then alphabetically by surname within each year. The town of birth is listed, although sometimes shown as an abbreviation, as is the certificate number. There are handwritten additions on many of the sheets, sometimes even notating the date of death. Note that this index does not contain lists of births from New York City. New York City is considered to be an entirely separate vital records jurisdiction from the rest of New York state, and consequently the city has its own birth, marriage, and death indices.

However, a small number of NYC birth listings are found scattered throughout this index, either because the births happened in towns that were previously independent before the consolidation of the city in for example, a pre birth in a place like Canarsie [Brooklyn] or Flushing [Queens] might be listed here or because there was a late birth registration.

Birth Certificate Request | Buffalo, NY

But more on that later this year. Also note that births that took place in the cities of Albany, Buffalo, and Yonkers are not included until about or ; those three cities did not initially participate in the statewide registration of births and kept their own records. The state apparently got lazy and re-used the same certificate number on both the original birth certificates and the amended certificates, which tie together the old name and the new name. This record set is only the index to New York State birth records.

In New York State although not New York City , a birth certificate of a person who is known to be deceased and which is more than 75 years old is considered to be open and available to the public. Alternately, you can also try ordering a copy from the exact city clerk or town clerk where the birth took place. This may be a lot faster than dealing with Albany, but some towns might only provide a typed extract of the information on the certificate, instead of a photocopy version.

Your best bet is to try calling the town clerk first and see if they can help you. Otherwise, send the request to Albany, but be prepared to wait up to eight months.


Index to New York State Births (Outside of New York City), 1881-1942

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Generate a file for use with external citation management software. Create File. J Community Health. Abstract Vital statistics birth certificate data are an important source of information for researchers, policy makers, and state officials to evaluate the quality of care delivered to pregnant women.