Customs requirements with birth certificate

Maine shares a state border with New Hampshire and an international border with the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec.

Bringing Pets and Wildlife into the United States - U.S. Immigration

Entry into the U. Crossing the international border between Canada and the U. Different regulations apply to pedestrians and motor vehicles than to boats and aircraft. Depending on the mode of transportation, different ports of entry may be required. Visitors are required to have the necessary travel documentation and be in good health. If asked, they must answer questions to the satisfaction of an immigration officer.

What type of identification do I need to fly?

Standard questions someone might be asked include:. Persons crossing the border must carry proof of identity and citizenship. All travelers are required to have a valid passport until the end of their stay.

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Persons can be denied entry across a border on the basis of suspicion alone. A single criminal conviction no matter how minor or how long ago may be used as grounds for exclusion.

Visitors Insurance

Other reasons that entry may be denied include:. Visitors to the U. The Canada Border Services Agency suggests identification such as an original birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport, or immigration document. If none of these are available, get a letter stating that you are the children's parent or guardian from your doctor or lawyer, or from the hospital where the children were born.

ID and Travel Requirements

Because of an increase in child trafficking, the border personnel are very vigilant and may question your family and carefully examine these documents. To avoid a lengthy process when crossing the border, it is worthwhile to get a government issued passport for your child. Children old enough to speak for themselves may be encouraged to do so by the customs officer, so be prepared to let older children answer the officer's questions.

Prepare your kids for what kind of questions to expect before they meet with the customs officer—standard questions are simple, such as their full name or where in Canada they are going. If you are traveling by car, all adults or guardians should be in the same vehicle as their children when they get to the border.

Unvailability of Birth Certificates

This makes the process easier and quicker for everyone. Divorced parents who share custody of their children should carry copies of the legal custody documents. Even if you are not divorced from the child's other parent, bring the other parent's written permission to take the child over the border.

Include contact information so border guard can call the other parent if necessary. Department of State website if you have any additional questions.

enter The Canadian Government page has a comprehensive explanation of the necessary documents for children crossing the border.