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This happened to me a few months ago and it turned out I was pulled over for no real reason. Flaherty Defense firm went over my case and helped me deal with everything from getting a drivers permit […]".

Time was closing in on our court date and the Flaherty team came […]". I retained Mr. Flaherty as my defense lawyer and everything worked out in my favor. He has an excellent staff.

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Criminal Defense, DUI Lawyer, Family Law & Divorce Lawyer in Crestview & Fort Walton Beach

Brandy, she is the best FYI! They worked hard to […]". Flaherty and his assistant, Brandy, to defend my brother for a serious charge. Right away, I felt extremely confident in Mr. He was the first attorney I met with on the matter, and my family decided he was the one to take on the case for us.

Flaherty […]". As a parent I feel I can peacefully rest at night as he fights for mine. His staff is so thorough as well and even respond on weekends!!!! They explained in detail every option that I had, and what the possible outcomes would be.

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They were always willing to give me advice, always fair, and were completely honest about my entire case. From the first time I spoke to them on the phone to […]". Flaherty is the only lawyer in town for any military member. Brandy is awesome, her hard work and dedication, along with Mr. They provide prompt, professional, and courteous legal services from initial visit, through the legal process, and provide amazing service after the case is settled.

Flaherty and his staff took care of everything. Got me what I wanted and I highly recommend this firm. However I was so pleased with the level for professionalism as well as the fast turn around time that I felt compelled give their services 5 stars. I worked with Brandy, and Tim from the firm. He informed me of my options in a language that a non-attorney could understand.

Mr Flaherty calmed me down with his professional staff and expertise […]". Flaherty and his staff were very professional and very helpful throughout my entire ordeal. Every thing in my case was taken care very quickly with diligence and complete professionalism but also with such gracious intent. Man to man he was so very respectful and kind. Now for a second time […]". I am retired military and could not have asked for a better law firm to defend me. They made me feel like my case was there number one priority.

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Brandy is very skilled, she went above and beyond for me with my case. Mr Flaherty is […]". I received a response very quickly and was able to speak to Mr. Flaherty the very next day. He and his team were very respectful and told us […]". My VOP case was leaning towards a 2 year suspended sentence with a very small chance of me getting out of.

They were very supportive, informative, and thorough every step of the way. Thanks to them I am able to continue completing my previous probation […]". I was at a complete loss for what to do since I had never been in a situation like mine in the past and had never dealt with court or attorneys or anything […]". I have retained Tim and his attentive staff on two separate occasions. Both cases were resolved with best possible outcome. This was due to Tim and his firms extensive contacts within the 1st Judicial Circuit and aggressive tactics resulting in full dismissals.

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His staff was quick to address my […]". Not only did they help with my case but at the end they got me off on early termination of probation in time to see my […]". Flaherty and his office staff. They work very hard for you, are very fast to respond to messages, and they do so with the highest professionalism.

Flaherty Defense Firm

Hiring Mr. Flaherty to help us through our legal situation was the Best decision we ever made. Flaherty Defense Firm has a proven track record of success defending our clients. We are very grateful for the trust our clients put in us, and we take that responsibility very seriously. You defend all of us. Flaherty Defense Firm would be honored to defend you and protect your career. If you were arrested while on vacation, you're probably terrified. Flaherty Defense Firm can relieve your stress and take care of this for you.

At Flaherty Defense Firm , we understand just how seriously criminal charges are taken in the state of Florida, and the devastating impact a criminal conviction can have on your life for years to come.

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Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or felony offense, our Fort Walton Beach criminal defense lawyers will do everything they can to protect your future. Now, more than ever, the decisions you make will have a serious impact upon the rest of your life; our legal team can help you make informed legal decisions that could have a huge impact on the outcome of your case. Hiring the right criminal defense lawyer is the most important thing you can do after being arrested for a crime. Even if you avoid jail, you could face fines, probation, license suspension and other serious penalties, plus the adverse effects of a criminal conviction on your record.

We have the experience to handle any charges — from traffic offenses to federal offenses — in Okaloosa County and Jackson County, Florida. Call us immediately if you or a family member is in trouble with the law. The earlier we get involved, the better we can protect your rights and your future.

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Founding attorney Winter Spires is a former public defender with experience handling a wide range of felony and misdemeanor crimes. I can capably address all criminal charges, including:. We also have experience with related criminal matters, including asset seizure and forfeiture and restoration of civil rights gun rights, voting privileges after a felony conviction.

The presumption of innocence only goes so far. Our skilled defense attorneys will work every angle to dismiss or reduce the charges, or to limit the punishment in a plea agreement or conviction. We exhaust all defenses, from Fourth Amendment violations to forensic evidence, so that we can advocate and negotiate effectively on your behalf. We explore alternatives to conviction but we are prepared to defend you at trial. Call or contact us online to arrange an initial consultation. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

As a homeowner in Florida, considering the possibility of foreclosure can be alarming, especially if you have a family.

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