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The Public Information Act prohibits the Port Authority from asking you why you want the information you have requested.

Texas counties rally against statewide court records portal

However, the Port Authority may ask you to clarify your request, if we are uncertain as to what you want, and we may discuss with you how the scope of your request may be narrowed, if you have requested a large amount of information. Box Austin, Texas Subscribe to our Publications:. Port Houston.

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The request should be for records already in existence. The Port Authority is not required to answer questions, perform legal research or comply with a continuing request to supply information as such information is prepared in the future. If you have questions about charges for the information you have requested, you may contact the Cost Rules Administrator for the Office of the Attorney General at The amount of information you have requested is relevant to what makes for a reasonable response time.


Harris County District Clerk’s Office provides free criminal background checks

Seek an attorney general decision within ten business days of our receipt of your request, and state the exceptions to disclosure that we believe are applicable. Send you a copy of our letter to the attorney general requesting a decision, within ten business days. If the Port Authority does not notify you of its request for an attorney general decision, the information you requested is generally presumed to be open to the public.

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But county and district clerks are fuming. At least counties have adopted resolutions opposing re:SearchTX.

Travis Clardy , R-Nacogdoches, has authored a bill that would kill the data project — or at least indefinitely pause it — by requiring approvals from every county before it moves forward. But killing re:SearchTX would ultimately waste millions of dollars already committed to the project, its planners say. About Texas judges can already see statewide records through re:SearchTX. Clerks also suggest they may need to buy expensive software to occasionally redact social security numbers or other private information in documents.

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Counties might make less money on copying fees, but they would divvy up all of the revenue from subscribers. The database would almost certainly threaten the bottom line of a firm called iDocket, which contracts with Texas county and district clerks in Texas , about two dozen of whom put all their documents online.