How to find a towed vehicle

My car has been towed – how do I find it, who do I call and how much does it cost to get it back?

If your vehicle is not found in the system, please contact private towing companies for vehicles towed from private property without police involvement. If you believe that your vehicle has been stolen, please contact:.

Asheville Police Department Communications at This means the police department is temporarily holding your vehicle. The Asheville Police Department will need to authorize the release of your vehicle.

Selecting a towed vehicle for your Motorhome.

How do I check if my vehicle was towed? Online Go to Auto Plus Towing's website. Phone Call Auto Plus Towing at My vehicle was towed. How do I get it back? Pay all your City of Oakland parking tickets if towed because of parking tickets.

Towed Vehicles

Pay fees for towing and storage directly to the tow company. You may need to pay tickets from all other cities in California to have your vehicle released. Please note that there are no payment plans are not available for towed vehicles. Only the registered owner of the towed vehicle can challenge contest one or more of the unpaid tickets. All towing companies are required to notify the appropriate law enforcement agencies whenever a motor vehicle is towed without the owner's knowledge.

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If you suspect that your motor vehicle has been towed from within the City limits, contact our Communications Section at You should have the VIN, tag number, vehicle color, make and model, date towed and location from where in the city the vehicle was towed. If your motor vehicle was towed at a private party direction or repossessed you must contact the tow company directly for information on retrieving your vehicle. Skip to Main Content. Find Find a Towed Car.