Texas death row inmate last meal

A weird request.

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The strawberries? Perhaps Gacy was throwing one last Hail Mary to get something good into his body?

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On second though, scrap that. He was a pig. After counts of murder, he got ice cream and the needle. But really, Timothy McVeigh deserved absolutely nothing on his last night. Apparently, he left the pecan pie and told the guards he was saving it for later.

Texas execution leads to ban on choice of last meal

Next: This criminal must have been looking at his nutrition chart — maybe. He went for a balanced meal. This was probably the most balanced meal we could ever expect from someone who was so clearly unbalanced. Cheese and radishes? He was given the traditional last meal. He had the classic meat and potatoes. Meat and potatoes are a classic.

We wonder if Bolin was thinking about family dinners from his childhood as he ate this American-made meal.

Charlie Cocksedge

Pizza is a favorite of a lot of people, even killers. He spent his last meal watching a movie. Sorry, but … as if these people deserved any kind of creature comforts in the first place? Apparently, Gardner got to enjoy his last meal while also watching a well-loved favorite.

Sounds like something a kid would pick out. He got the typical prison meal.

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  • His last meal was a cup of plain yogurt. So much for historical accuracy. She had been convicted of killing her husband and her partially paralyzed year-old son, as well as the attempted murder of her boyfriend.

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    Jernigan reportedly refused to eat the meal when it was finally presented to him. The scariest clown not named Pennywise requested a dozen fried shrimp, a bucket of KFC chicken, fries, and a pound of strawberries.

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    Either he still craved that proprietary combo of herbs and spices, or he just assumed that much KFC might kill him before the state of Illinois could. In , a group of anonymous organizers promoted their own pop-up called Death Row Dinners.