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View Preview. Learn more Check out. Abstract Police agencies regularly publish lists of wanted fugitives. Citing Literature.

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Volume 5 , Issue 2 June Pages Related Information. Close Figure Viewer. Browse All Figures Return to Figure. Previous Figure Next Figure. Email or Customer ID. Forgot password? Old Password. The reward is paid in cash. CrimestoppersGNO is year-old program, which utilizes a hour a day anonymous tip hotline. Tier 3 Sex Off Another Murder. Crime Night Out Submit a Tip an anonymous service. Our tagline reads: Anyone with information on this crime is urged to call Crimestoppers at or 1 STOP. Individuals, corporations, etc.

Successes CrimestoppersGNO is year-old program, which utilizes a hour a day anonymous tip hotline.

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Community App Safe Schools. Circuit Court Arraignment — After the case is sent to Circuit Court, the defendant is again arraigned on the charge s that were the result of being bound over. A plea of guilty or no contest means the defendant is convicted of the offense without a trial and is subject to being sentenced by the court. If the defendant pleads not guilty or stands mute, the case is scheduled for a pretrial conference.

A member of the court staff is also involved to facilitate the meeting. These meetings focus on resolving the case short of going to trial.

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Testimony is not taken at this time. Plea bargains are often discussed at this meeting, although they can be discussed up to the time of trial as well. Pretrial Proceedings — Many other events can occur prior to trial. Depending on the nature of the case, there may be pretrial hearings on constitutional issues confessions, searches, identification, etc. Both the defendant and the prosecution have the right to a trial by jury. After the evidence is presented in the trial, the jury or judge will determine whether the evidence proved that the defendant committed the crime.

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The following is a general outline of the steps in a jury trial, used for both felony and misdemeanor cases:. Generally, the victim is contacted for information and recommendations. The probation officer includes a recommended sentence in the report, but the judge does not have to follow this recommendation. Sentencing in Michigan varies with the crime and can be the most confusing part of the criminal process.

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The judge may consider different alternatives, including a fine, probation, community service, electronic tether, a sentence to jail or prison, or a combination of these sanctions. There are three kind of appeals that may occur in a criminal case: 1 an interlocutory appeal; 2 appeal of right; and 3 appeal by leave of the court. An appeal of right occurs after a jury trial in which the defendant is found guilty. The Michigan constitution has been amended to eliminate an appeal of right when a defendant pleads guilty.

An appeal by leave of the court occurs when an appeal of right is not available. This could occur when a defendant who pleads guilty does not like the sentence that was imposed.

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These filings are usually anything but brief, as they may be twenty pages or more in length. Either party may request to make an oral argument to the appellate court.

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  • The appellate court for misdemeanor cases is the Circuit Court. The initial appellate court for felony cases is the Court of Appeals. The Michigan Supreme Court may hear cases from the lower appellate courts, but most often is not required to do so. The appellate court will eventually issue a written opinion if they all agree, or several written opinions if they disagree. The decision of the majority of the judges hearing the case is the accepted law in the case. The defendant is given the opportunity to enter one of four pleas at this time: guilty, no contest, not guilty or stand mute.