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For nearly all of this time, it was the largest numbering plan area on the Eastern Seaboard. It was pushed slightly eastward in as part of the split of Philadelphia 's , when a few towns in eastern Lancaster County and western Chester County that were slated to transfer to area code were instead shifted to On 5 December , the northern portion of the old territory, centered on Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and Williamsport , received area code The Pennsylvania Utility Commission determined in that would likely exhaust by the second quarter of Under consideration for relief were overlaying with a second area code, or a split along an east-west boundary.

An overlay would have required ten-digit dialing , though all customers with an existing number would have been able to keep it. A split would have preserved seven-digit dialing.

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Most of those who testified in a public hearing supported an overlay as a cost-effective solution that would have spared customers the expense and burden of changing their numbers. The implementation of broke seven-digit dialing in the eastern half of Pennsylvania. The only portion of the Commonwealth that has not been overlaid to date is Area code and , starting September 26, serve parts of sixteen counties in Pennsylvania.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Telephone area codes in south central Pennsylvania, U. August The Township of Middletown does not require a Certificate of Occupancy on existing residential buildings that are sold, leased or rented. A Certificate of Occupancy is required for new Commercial buildings and for existing Commercial buildings that have been improved by substantial alteration, renovation, addition, or have changed use group classification.

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In those cases where the subject property residential or commercial is serviced by public sewer, the Middletown Sewer Authority requires a sewer lateral inspection. All buildings are required to be occupied and used in conformance with their Certificate of Occupancy and applicable Zoning Ordinance regulations. In an emergency dial For other calls, the State police number is There is no separate municipal police department.

Please continue to support our dedicated volunteers, both financially during their annual fund drive and personally if you could volunteer some of your time to help support this important community mission.

In case of an emergency dial ! Since March , Riddle Memorial Hospital has been designated by the Middletown Township Council as the primary provider of emergency ambulance service for all emergency calls within Middletown Township. Riddle Hospital staff paramedics and EMTs are dispatched to the vast majority of all ambulance calls within Middletown Township potentially requiring either advanced life support ALS or basic life support BLS pre-hospital emergency medical services or transport.

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Riddle Hospital's emergency ambulance service does not receive any Township tax funds or other Township financial support. In most cases involving ambulance response and patient transport, the cost of this service is billed by the ambulance service provider to the patient's automobile or health insurance provider. Due to the rising cost of providing timely and professional emergency ambulance services and to help offset some of these costs that are not covered by insurance payments, Riddle Hospital several years ago began seeking financial support from community residents through an annual subscription campaign.

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Similarly, Lima Ambulance, a division of Lima Fire Company has annually sent out solicitation letters requesting subscription contributions for their ambulance operation, which provides the backup BLS transport capability in those limited cases where all of Riddle Hospital's transport units and paramedics are otherwise engaged. Residents may choose to contribute to either or both ambulance services, but under the response protocols established through the Emergency Center for Middletown Township, ambulance response for Middletown Township for the signifcant majority of all calls for assistance will be handled by Riddle Ambulance units.

To report an animal control issue during normal business hours, please call the Township at APS Officers will respond to specific complaints and known problem areas within the Township and effect abatement through counseling, issuance of warnings, violation notices, or by any combination of the above resources. Dog bites should immediately be reported to the Township Health Officer and State Police for follow-up.

APS Officers will not respond to a stray dog call unless and until the animal is contained. If you find a lost dog with current license tag, you can visit the Delaware County website at www. You will then have access to the dog's name and phone contact in order to reach the dog's owner. No individual names or addresses are made available. If you are having problems with stray dogs or cats on your property, please call the Township Offices at , or complete an online Animal Control Service Request form under the Public Works web page.

If you would like names of wildlife management companies, please call our office.

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Deer and other animals on state roads are removed by PennDot. If you have any questions or are unsure of whom to call please contact the Township building. Council Committees generally meet the first Monday of every month. The Planning Commission generally meets on the second Tuesday of every month. All meetings are open to the public. Contact the Township Offices to confirm dates and times, or click on the Calendar of Events link in the sidebar.

Open burning for the purpose of disposing of any type of yard waste, including leaves, sticks, and branches, is a violation of air quality regulations in force by DEP in the Southeastern Pennsylvania Air Basin, as well as state-mandated municipal recycling requirements, and is prohibited in Middletown Township at all times. A recreational fire is an outdoor open fire that is no larger than 3 feet in diameter and no more than 2 feet in height, built for pleasure, cooking, warmth, or religious or ceremonial purposes.

The use of outdoor fireplaces, portable outdoor fireplaces, barbeque grills and barbeque pits is also permitted under the current regulations. Additionally, DEP may choose to spot check compliance with their order and have representatives in the Township at any time. It is unknown how the DEP may choose to enforce the ban should they locate and address violations in progress but the Solicitor has advised that the Township and individual residents can be cited by DEP for violations of their statutes.

Depending on weather conditions, salting will occur once snow sticks to the roadway surface. Plowing begins when the snow has accumulated to about three inches. Once plowing has started, the crew will continue to clear just the center of the roads until the snow stops. After the snow has stopped and under ideal conditions it can take the plow up to eight hours for three to four complete additional circuits of the route to clear back to the curb. How can residents of the Township help during emergency periods? First if at all possible, please do not park your car on the street.

Park at the end of your driveway two feet from the street so that you can exit directly onto the street and your parking space is already cleared for your return. Second, where cars must be kept on the street, try to coordinate with neighbors and park on one side of the street only. Third, because of the duration of the typical storm and the hours needed to clear the roads, intersections and cul-de-sacs are left to be fully cleaned off until after the roads are completed.

The crew makes every attempt to clear snow away from driveways within cul-de-sacs, however.

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Lastly, your patience is appreciated. The men work long, difficult hours and driving through a snowstorm takes its toll. Each snowstorm is different and presents different conditions that affect how fast and completely the snow can be removed initially. Our crew will be working diligently to clear our streets and they ask for your understanding and cooperation. State-maintained roads in Middletown Township are:. Route 1 Baltimore Pike Route N.

Knowlton Road W. Rose Tree Road. Index Who will collect my trash? What do I recycle and when? What should I do with the leaves, sticks and branches in my yard? Where are recycling drop off sites located? How do I properly dispose of my Household Hazardous Waste? Can the Township cite my neighbor for tall grass, junk cars or trash on their property?

Does the Township have a Noise Ordinance? Do I need a permit to put up a fence, shed, deck or patio? Does Middletown Township require a Certificate of Occupancy? Who provides Police Services? Who provides Fire Services? Who provides Ambulance Services? What are the Township's Animal Regulations? If I've lost my dog, where should I call to try to locate it?